Tips to Prevent Childhood Sports Injuries

February 15, 2011

1.) Start kids w/ activity & skill sports at a young age

2.) Match a child’s maturity level w/ league level

       Match a child’s size w/ league level

       Match a child’s size w/ type of sport

3.) Improve coordination / Skill

4.) Improve technique

5.) Don’t play while tired

6.) Don’t over train / rest

7.) Maintain a healthy weight

8.) Correct muscular imbalances

9.) Cross train

10.) Improve core strength

11.) Improve diet

12.) Stay hydrated

13.) Warm-up vs. Stretching

14.) Increase muscle mass

15.) Increase strength




  1. Tiffany Locke says:

    Staying hydrated while you play in order to avoid heat injury seems like an excellent way to stay healthy. Being prepared for any potential danger while playing sports is a good way to make sure kids keep enjoying them. I would imagine that finding someone who can help you in case your child does have an accident would be an excellent way of getting an injury taken care of as soon as possible in order to prevent them from getting any worse.

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